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33500B ending infinite Burst, ensuring full waveform has been output.

Question asked by darraghcorrigan on Oct 14, 2013
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I am creating a User Interfece using Labview which will need to load and output arbitrary waveforms using a 33500B. I am communicating using USB.
The waveforms will need to be repeated an indeterminate number of times. The user clicks on a button on the UI to begin the loop, and clicks again to stop it.
Currently I am doing this by having turning on the output of a channel when the user clicks the loop on, and turning off the output when the loop is turned off.

My problem is that this does not cause the waveform to finish outputting before turning off the signal. As soon as the user clicks to turn off the output, the waveform is truncated. As it is a digital signal used for timing an IC, this is causing problems with my setup.

I have tried turning off the waveform by sending an NCYCL 1: command, hoping this would change the channel settings to repeat one final waveform and then turn off, however this seems to truncate the signal as well. I suspect the output is being turned off as soon as the AWG modifies the channel settings.

My question is can I use USB messages to replicate or simulate the behaviour of the 33500B when using an external trigger as a gate input. This behaviour causes the waveform to begin when the trigger is high, and once the trigger drops low, the waveform completes the cycle and then finishes. I need this functionality using USB; I send one command to begin looping the waveform and upon sending another signal, the current waveform cycle completes and it does not repeat any more.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated,

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