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Calibration problem - results look very odd

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2014 by theamberco
I have problem calibrating an N9912A with firmware A.07.32 and would appreciate any help as to what might be the problem. 

As I reported in another thread I can't do a calibration with QuickCal if I try to measure the load, although it will calibrate if I skip the load. However, I am getting bizarre results after calibration with QuickCal. See the attached images taken after calibration with QuickCal, and the load skipped. There are 3 images, although I apologize for the quality - the light was fading. All 3 are taken after a calibration using QuickCal. 

1) With a short from an HP 85032B cal kit attached.
2) With an HP 909F load from an HP 85032B cal kit attached. 
3) With the female N left open. 

All three are odd and not what I would expect. 

I have got similar results using an HP 85032B cal kit, so although these results were all obtained using QuickCal, I get similar with an OSL cal kit.