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Demodulation parameters

Question asked by fatou on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by fatou

I'm trying to demodulate a real LTE signal from an EnodeB. What i have noticed is that every channel needs differents parameters. For example, for the PBCH channel, we need 2 C-RS ports contrary to the others (PSS/SSS) which are demodulated with only one 1 CRS port. It is the same case for the moving averaging filter and sync type where i have to choose between selecting and deselecting the parameters.
The operator confirms that no channel is sended with MIMO, so is it possible to have different demodulation parameters for physical channels? 

In addition, can i have more explanation for the "analysis Start Boundary" option because some channels are well demodulated with subframe such as PDCCH. The Help provided with the software is not sufficient and i don't understand why.

Thank you