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Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 25, 2006
 >  This might be a little harsh. We don't know the full details and as someone who often has Agilent  
>  or Tek apps guys surprised at how I use the equipment I'm hesitant to put the screws to somebody like this
Perhaps, and if I misinterpreted or over reacted to the question I apologize.  There are times when I too
use things in a way not originally intended.  That's called "invention."    But my reading of the question
seemed to indicate that the manufacturer provided a solution in two pieces - a HW piece and a SW piece
that needed to work together.  Buying half the solution can lead t less than successful results.  There may
be a good reason that the manufacturer doesn't release the protocol details.  It may be a "razors and blades"
issue - sell the HW at cost and make up for it in SW packages.


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