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Help need for clarifying linear and nonlinear device model ?

Question asked by on May 26, 2013
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Dear Sir,
               I have designed Low noise amplifier at 1.3 GHz , obtained gain, noise figure and stability using linear transistor model using ADS2009 ( transistor model is AVAGO  ATF 54143 at Vds = 3V and Id = 60 mA). I wanted to measure IIP3, OIP3 and P1 dB compression point to measure non linearity of the low noise amplifier.  I have connected linear device model to biasing , input and output matching circuit and obtained the gain, noise figure and stability. But same input and output matching and biasing connected for the nonlinear device model , ADS 54143 non linear device model downloaded from the website( Which ever input and output matching,biasing connected for linear device model). But results of the linear and nonlinear device model are not same, entirely different results are coming. I don't know, where I could do the mistake. Can you anybody help me to get the same results for both linear and nonlinear.