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Function Help: How to shift simulation results with right one step freq?

Question asked by oddone on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by oddone
Dear all, 
  As you can see in the image (in attachments), I have a simulation results variable named Y22mY21.
and its values listed as vm1 (5.479E-6, 1.0958E-5, 1.6437E-5,...) under the table. The result values corresponds to frequency are fm1 (1E7,2E7,3E7...) (Hz)
  I wish to do right shift with one frequency step, for x-axis, the frequency is easy to achieve like fm2 = freq+step freq. However, I don't know how to shift y-axis with corresponding to step freq?
  That is, I wish to obtain vm2 like (1.0958E-5, 1.6437E-5,...) I don't know which function can help to do so?


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