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N3301A DC Load display problems

Question asked by reffahcs on Feb 20, 2014
I have a N3301A DC load that seems to be having some problems with the display.  The VFD is illuminating extra segments when certain letters are displayed, it doesn't seem to be related to the position of the letter on the display, ie, every D looks the same no matter if it's the first or last character on the display.  I've attached a few different examples of what I'm seeing when I power up my unit and it displays different items.  I've tried re-seating the flex cable from the main board at the rear of the unit to the VFD, and I also sprayed some contact cleaner on each end of the cable and the board mounted connectors as well, but the problem still persists.  Sometimes it's worse, to the extend where the text is unreadable, and then it randomly seems to fix itself.  I would assume if the display itself was bad then I would be missing segments instead of having extra segments, but perhaps this is not the case?  Has anyone else had similar experiences with Agilent VFDs of any type?