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Setting Totalize key in Visual Studio for 53220A Counter.

Question asked by rudee on Mar 12, 2014
I am using Visual Basic for Visual Studio 2010 and the Agilent 53220A counter. I am trying to set a continuous totalize on channel one which i managed to do pretty easily in vb using: 

My problem is changing other settings. I want to turn *AUTO LEVEL OFF* as well as set the *TOTALIZE* key to a different voltage. Usually we would be able to set different params right in the Configure call but all i can specify is what channel i want to use. Here is an example of duty cycle i found. 

agDrvr.DutyCycle.Configure(1, 0.25, Ag532xxReferenceTypeEnum.Ag532xxReferenceTypeVoltage, Ag532xxPolarityEnum.Ag532xxPolarityPositive)
where values are=               (channel, reference, referenceType, polarity) 

_I want to do the same but with the Continuous Totalize and was wondering if anyone could help._