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How to create a waveform on a function generator from an oscilloscope trace

Question asked by GPETEBlog Employee on Feb 12, 2014
One of the powerful features of BenchVue is the ability to drag-and-drop a waveform or signal trace from an oscilloscope bench application to a function generator bench application. The drag-and-drop operation is limited to 4 million trace points. If a trace has more than 4M points, it will be reduced to 4M points.
1.     Make sure that both bench applications are connected and currently running in their corresponding window.
2.     To make it easier to see the trace waveforms, expand (undock) each bench application into a new window, disconnected from the main Bench screen.
3.     From the oscilloscope bench application, click the trace selection tool and select the desired trace waveform by clicking once. The selected trace will be highlighted.
4.     With your cursor positioned on the highlighted trace, press and hold down the left mouse button.
5.     While continuing to hold down the left mouse button, drag the trace waveform to the function generator bench application.
6.     When you release the mouse button over the function generator window, the instrument is automatically reconfigured to output the selected trace waveform.

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