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Agilent 6651A Fault Operation

Question asked by cooltools on Mar 11, 2014
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I have a question regarding the fault operation of Agilent 6651A power supply (refer to pg 123 of the operating manual). The pins related to fault are 1 and 2 on digital port connector. 

I was told by agilent apps eng that fault condition has to be programmed, in order for the pins to function as described in the manual but in the manual it is described "As shipped from the factory, the digital port is configured to provide a fault indicator (FLT) output and a remote (INH) input." Also, the jumpers are in fault/inhibit setting on pins 7 and 8. 

Is it true that if i am trying to use pins 1 and 2 for fault operation, that i have to program the fault conditions or without programming anything, i could go in a protect mode by shorting pins 3 and 4 for inhibit and trigger fault?

Application: i am trying to run an external relay with an external 12V (similar to shown in fig. D-3 of the manual) and trying to use pins 1 and 2 as a switch. See the attached schematic. 

It would be great, If anyone with direct hands on experience can help.


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