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ENA 5071C :How to measure high power amplifier with external test set mode?

Question asked by mirek on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by ghghjgj
I wonder how I can measure high power amplifier on ENA Network Analyzer.
I see in 5989-6522EN app notes that you can configure ENA to external test set mode and measure component that required high input power. Does this approch have ALC funtion on reference receiver to prevent any power drift of the driver amplifier? I will asume that will be very important funtion when you need to apply high power to your DUT.

Im my case I am looking on the reverse approch: I have high power amplifier and I like to measure S-parameter (full forward and reverse transmision and reflection) and comression with out modification of the setup in between this two measurements.
So the external test set need to be after DUT. Does the external test set mode can be used and how?