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UserFunction called through Vee Service Manager gives error 603

Question asked by larsb on Sep 27, 2013

I have a UserFunction in a Vee library. The UserFunction is named Fluke8840A, and is suppose to read a value from a multimeter (Fluke 8840 being connected over a LAN/GPIB-converter). 

The UserFunction is called by another Vee program through the Vee Service Manager. But executing the calling Vee program creates a "Run Time Error: Remote UserFunction, Fluke8840A, reports error. Error 603, Variable was not found: x". Note that "x" is the variable suppose to hold the result from readout received from the multimeter.

I hav tried call other UserFunctions in the same library, and that work fine. But those UserFunctions does only execute basic mathematics.

I have also succeded reading the instrument from a Vee program, with the multimeter reading UserFunction being local in the same Vee program. This also works fine.

The uploaded file shows screen dumps from the Vee library and the calling Vee program.

Help is appreciated,

Problem solved:
In the UserFunction, the operation reading the instrument returned the result to a variable named x, the output from this reading operation block was named "mätvärde". Chaning those name to be the same, solved the issue.

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