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8560a / 8560e tracking generator replacement ??????????

Question asked by yngvae2 on May 12, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by MikeM
does anyone have a clue how to get an  8560a / 8560e tracking generator to work when you replace a bad one with a good one? it seems like my a14 has to match the tracking gen in some way or i get no output signal displayed on the screen whatsoever and error 901 tracking gen freq limit and tracking gen unlevel error as well. I checkd the output of the tracking gen from front panel and its at -10 db as it should be and sweeps when put into a separate spec analyzer. so im stumped. there is no info whatsoever about any kind of realignment when putting a new tg in , from the service manual. completely useless. im wondering if there is a similar procedure to realigning the yto???? any guesses? any one successfully swapped a tg in one of these 2 models? i tried 5 tracking gens and its the same with each one. nothing!  but when I put the bad one back in i get signal again its just not flat like it should be.