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Using Labview wrapper files with 81960A TLS

Question asked by maritime on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by maritime

I have an 81960A tuneable laser in an 8163B mainframe. I'm trying to develop a programme for it using Labview 2011. I am using the latest wrapper files, as per the earlier post "816x VXI Plug&Play Driver (new version)". I am having no success at all. It appears that communicating with the 8163B is fine - that is, the "initialise" VI runs ok. But any VI related to the tuneable laser gives an error. 

Using the NI "measurement and automation" software, I have checked that all the commands I need work and they all work fine. So in principle there is no problem controlling the tuneable laser via the GPIB connection. 

I am hoping that there is someone else out there who is (successfully) using Labview with an 81960A to offer advice!

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