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HP/Agilent 54111D DSO

Question asked by tucson on Mar 31, 2014
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Hello all!

Please forgive the intrusion. I apologize for my ignorance. I can see there is a very knowledgeable group of people here. I need a few questions answered about DSOs. 

I have in my possession a 25 year old Agilent 54111D DSO. This is a beast! I see the new scopes available seem to surpass this scopes capabilities at a small price. There are a couple things I do not understand. There are 2 GS/s scopes with a bandwidth of 200 Mhz. This is a ratio of 10:1. Does this make sense? Isn't this overkill? I think anything beyond 4:1, like my scope, would have negligible value.  So does greater that 4:1 oversampling make up for hardware that has inadequate performance?

Also my scope has 6-bit (8-bit effective at 50 Mhz) vertical resolution.  There are scopes nowadays that provide 8-bit resolution and an effective resolution of up to 12-bits. Is my scope still adequate? I will be using it for embedded software development and audio amplifier implementations.

I notice there are (Rigol) scopes that on paper appear to exceed the performance of my scope and come with many additional features. What would the difference be between that (Rogil) scope, lets say the DS1202CA,  and my scope aside from the differences in bandwidth? The accuracy? The S/N for instance? Just the feature set?

Did I make a bad purchasing decision by not going with something inexpensive scope (like the Rigol)? Perhaps I need to save up for a good *Agilent* scope with the same features? This sounds attractive to me. But what would the differences be in what you would consider essential performance parameters?

BTW my boat does need a new anchor. ;-)


Bob Graham

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