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N5234A How to get SnP data?

Question asked by peng on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by peng
Dear all,

I'm using Labview 12 to remote control the Agilent N5234a VNA. I want to get the S parameters include “S11, S12, S21, S22”. In the labview program I use the instrument I/O assistant to control the N5234a. The code sequences are: 

  The 1st line, select the N5234a VNA. 

  The 2nd line,
     command: Query and Parse,  code: *IDN?
     there is no error and some information about the N5234a are returned.

  The 3rd line, 
     command: Write,   code: calc:par:sel "CH1_S11_1"
     there is no error. After this command, if I use the command of "calc:par:sel? ", it returns "CH1_S11_1", which show the 3rd line code is executed rightly.

  The 4th line: 
    command: Query and Parse,  code: calc:data:snp:ports? "1,2"
    there is no response in I/O assistant. An error of "Query INTERRUPTED (-410)" occurs on the N5234a screen.  
   So, how to modify my command sequences to obtain the S parameters?

   By the way, if the code of the 4th line is replaced with: 
calc:data:snp:ports:save "1,2","d:\test.s2p";*OPC?
   I find the test.s2p file is stored in the N54234a VNA, but not in my local computer! So, how to store the SnP file in my local computer?