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DSO-X 3054A download & upload files to/from PC

Question asked by billsimmons on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by algoss
I just started working with a DSO-X 3054A. I can use the program "Agilent Connection Expert" to upload (recall) mask files from the PC to the scope. I can use the program to download (save) screen images from the scope to the PC.

I am working with NI LabWindows CVI / TestStand software. I am using the functions within "AgInfiniiVision.dll" to command the scope. I have some commands working so I know that I am talking to the scope and understand some functions and their attributes.

I cannot seem to determine if I have the correct DLL to perform the file transfers. If it is the correct DLL, then either I am not using the correct functions or there is a sequence of functions that must be executed to which I am not performing.

I used a USB drive on the scope to store a couple of mask files. I then took the USB drive to the PC to store the files. I now need to determine how to upload those mask files from the PC to the scope. We will have test stations at multiple customer locations. Having the information on a USB drive is not an option with the customers. The mask files must be on the PC that control the test.

If you anyone knows the DLL, and the sequence of functions and attributes to use to have the mask files uploaded and then used when testing a waveform, I would appreciate the help. I believe that once I get the upload working, I should be able to determine how to perform the download of the screen images that will show any failures. Now that I think about it, what function(s) and attributes do I use to indicate that a mask test should stop on error. The attributes that I set did not work.

Thank you in advance for your help.