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Disperssion, Multi Dielectric Modeling

Question asked by m01tab4 on Dec 16, 2013
I am trying to model a specific shape with lumped elements, using Momentum and ADS scheamtics in parellel to fit the results from momentum and schematic view. The structure i am working on it is a very thin metal microstrip lines (0.2 um) with 1 mm of water on top and 1 mm of polystyren on the buttom. My final target frequency is 6 GHz. I have attached the susbtrate that i defined in Momentum. My lumped model for a very simple short microstrip line (500um, considering the highest dielectric constatnt i have, the length supposed to be small enough) and with the same materials on top and buttom would be a simple series RLC. with differnet materials on top and buttom (and still indepenedent of frequency) i get more complicated graphs from momentum and even if i include the disperssion in the dielectrics, the graphs shows several peaks. My question is there anyway in schematic to include different dielectric effect and disperssion in schematic? is there a lumped model for this effect?

Thank you in advance