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E5061B remote controlled by LabView

Question asked by orok on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by takeshio

We are developing a labview application (using LV2011) for remote controlling of the E5061B.

We use the available ENA series instrument drivers and mostly it functions as it should. The communication problem occours when E5061B detect an internal error.

Maybe it more informative for others if I start to describe our aim of funtionality.

We want to to test on object that we can have a risk that the E5061B detect input overload at R/T-ports. Then when the instrument detect such a error, we want to reset the error(s) and start a new sweep with corrected setup (lower power, input Att.).

It semms to me that the instrument is blocked for remote controlling when the error is detected. I want to reset the instrument, it do not react normaly when sending the e.g. *RST string command.

I will be happy if anyone can give me some advise to do?