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E363xA Labview Programming - VI_ERROR_TMO

Question asked by galliano on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by MattC
Hi Everyone
Current setup:
LABView 2013
Agilent 82357B USB to GPIB 
Agilent IO suite 16.3 - Agilent VISA set to primary
Agilent E3633A

I have an issue that hopefully someone can help me with.
Sometimes when I run the Agilent E363X Series\Public\ driver from Labview, the vi functions fine, but when I monitor the IO using the Agilent IO Monitor, I see that there are a lot of VI_ERROR_TMOs and in fact after the VI completes execution, these continue to stream after. 
Is this because the VISA session is opened and it continually tries to communicate? 
Is this normal? The interesting thing is that when I use the Agilent Interactive IO and send the commands one by one, there is no issue.

Now here is a stranger thing. When I use the VI as a standalone VI, it does work( although still with the errors above) but when I place this VI into a larger program, sometimes this VI hangs at the WRITE/READ within the Initialize.VI

Can anyone help or provide some insight????