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QuickCal it not completing on N9912A if one tries to measure the load.

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by theamberco
I have a problem with QuickCal on the N9912A. When I got the instrument the firmware was at 5.x, and I believe at that point the VNA in this was working at least to some extent. I did not use it much before I upgraded the firmware to the latest (A.07.32 build 2014-03-1.16:32), but since upgrading, things seem to have gone pear shaped. I apologize for the quality of the photos - light was fading fast here. 

1) When selecting QuickCal, I get the choice to measure the load or skip the load (see first photo). This is what I expected. 

2) If I skip the load (second photo), the instrument reports 

"Performing calibration... 100%"

and then the right-most of the 6 keys in a line shows "Finish" above it. Pressing that appears to result in a calibration, though I am not convinced it has worked well - but that is another matter. The problem I am reporting in this post is in the next point. 

3) If instead of skipping the load during QuickCal, I measure it, the instrument takes a bit longer as it measure both the open and load. At the end of measuring the load it says 

"Performing calibration... 100%"

But there is no text by any of the buttons. There is *not* the work "Finish" as there was when I skipped the load. 

Essentially, I don't think the QuickCal is working at all if the load is measured. The only button that seems responsive after doing a QuickCal and measuring the load is the ESC key. If I then press ESC, followed by CAL, I can see the error correction is off. I do not believe the QuickCal has completed. 

Is this a firmware bug, hardware bug, or my brain cells not working properly? 


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