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Problems with 54500 series

Question asked by experimentalfly on Sep 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2013 by algoss

Does anyone know how a problem with the 54503A can be repaired?  see attached files for a printout of the self test.

the load failures are

failed Protected Non-Volatile Ram
failed analog trigger
Failed D/A converter
failed A/D converter

A/D;  GAIN;  OFFSET;   HYSTERESIS;   TRIGGER;   DELAY;  are corrupted in all 4 channels,
TIME NULL is corrupted in channels 2,3 & 4
and the LOGIC TRIGGER is corrupted in the first channel?

I am considering purchasing the damaged scope, and I'm wondering if it is fixable, by myself if at all possible, and would like an indication as to what I can expect?.