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SOLVED Thin Film Resistor: inconsistency between Schematic, Momentum, FEM

Question asked by apaglia on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by volker_muehlhaus
Dear all,

I have the following problem when I simulate Thin Film Resistors.
The Schematic, Momentum, and FEM simulators, all give a different result. In particular:
1- Schematic gives what I expect as correct results
2- Momentum simulation appears to model a lower than expected resistor value.
3- FEM results indicate that the Resistor just acts as metal.

Note that I've used the very same substrate definition for all simulations (Schematic, Momentum, FEM).
Please refer to the attached ADS 2013 Workspace for all details.
Anyone has got any idea how to solve the problem?


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