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Problem with programmatically creating more than 24 traces

Question asked by billblack on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by jvall
Equipment: PNA-X N5244A with latest firmware

The problem I am having is not being able to create more than a total of 24 traces using any combination of remote SCPI commands.  My current application involves using the ‘Cal All’ feature to accommodate multiple mixer frequency profiles (64) spanning multiple application measurements (4).  The total number of traces I will need to create will be 256.  
The specific command that appears to have the limitation is:
The associated documentation for this command indicates that it will not accept a trace argument of more than 24 which is the max number of traces per window.  This appears to be the case.  Even if I create 25 different windows with one trace per window, this command will generate an error when attempting to create the 25th trace.
However, the PNA documentation indicates that the max number of traces is only limited by
(The Max Number of Windows) x (The max Number of Traces per Window (24))
With the theoretical max number of windows being unbounded.

Things I discovered…
I can create 64 separate windows from the front panel using the ‘New Window’ option…no more than 64 windows can be created with this method.
I can create 24 traces per window from the front panel…any attempt to create more than 24 traces in a window results in the creation of a new window with a 25th trace.  If I already have 64 windows created, then a 65th window is created with a new trace.  Additional windows can be created if I again attempt to add more than 24 traces to any existing window.