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E5071C NWA Instrument States are lost--How do I recover

Question asked by jondunn on Apr 29, 2014
I recently had to use the Acronis Backup Utility to restore the files on a E5071C NWA and when I tried to load an instrument State that was located on the "D" Drive there was a load error.  It is frustrating that I could reenter the relevant data and that Instrument State could then be Saved and Recalled but Instrument States that I had been using before the "Restore" would not load and would only give me an error message that they would not load.  And why can't I use Instrument States from another E5071C?  I can understand that maybe the Calibrations could not be used but why are the Instrument States not able to load from one ENA to another?  How can I rebuild these states without having to completely reenter all the data?

A few day ago the Windows XP Activation screen popped up and because this ENA was not connected to the Ethernet I had to call via phone to Microsoft to re-activate Windows XP on this machine.  Once the activation was done everything seemed to be working fine until today when a fatal error showed up when the Analyzer Software started to load and I could not load any of the instrument states that had been working fine before.  I know that this activation has something to do with the problems I am having.  The version of the ENA Software that is running on the machine is A.09.10.


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