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Automated Measurement Select Throwing "Measurement not found" Error

Question asked by sjohns on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by sjohns
I'm attempting to automate the selection process of measurements on a PNA 5230C.  I'm loading a .CSA file that contains all of the instrument state and data information and retriggering the sweeps (not creating new measurement names, etc using the AGPNA Configure Sweep.VI) for collection of data with the same instrument state over a variety of devices.  I'm using SYST:ACT:MEAS? to determine the active measurement and using CALC:PAR:SEL to select the active measurement so as to save the .SNP information.  The problem is that it continues to throw SCPI error 106 "Requested measurement not found" even though it is clear that the measurement is valid since I just pulled it using the active measurement query command.  Can anyone shed light as to why this error is being thrown even though the measurement is clearly valid?  I know there can be issues since I technically didn't "create" the measurement but if I'm calling the proper name then I wouldn't think there would be an issue.

I do not want to create a new measurement and rerun everything as it seems to shift around my display screens/previous measurements in undesirable ways.  I'd rather just keep my display and measurements in place as loaded from the .CSA file and just trigger new sweeps using those settings.