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PNA-X Power and Attenuators dialog combobox problem

Question asked by ChuckGantz on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by arthurabc
On one of our PNA-X's, the combobox's on the "Power and Attenuators" dialog do not drop down. These are the State and Atten. Control combobox's. Combobox's in other dialogs, including in the "Offsets and Limits" dialog lauched from  "Power and Attenuators",  do open. When set programmatically, the combobox's reflect the state set by the program, but cannot be changed from the PNA-X.

We are running A.09.33.13, however a second PNA-X with that firmware does work properly. I also downgraded to A.09.33.09, which is what our other PNA's are running. The same combobox problem occurs with the lower firmware version. I've also tried to raise and lower the screen resolution with no success.

Any ideas in how to fix this problem.