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N9322C - Reflection Measurement - One Port Insertion Loss

Question asked by arno33 on Mar 19, 2014
we have a problem with the mode "Reflection Measurement" -> "One Port Insertion Loss" with our new N9322C (Option TG7, RM7) Spectrum Analyzer.
Please see the two screen shots attached.

We measured the Insertion Loss off a cable. The first time from 5MHz to 1Ghz, the second time from 5MHz to 4GHz.
In the first measurement the damping starts at 0dB, in the second measurement at 1.14dB!
We calibrated the Analyzer before the measurements in the selected frequency range with the 3-in-1 calibrator N0311X-201.

Why we have different measurements in the low MHz area, if we only change the stop frequenz, not the start frequenz?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards
Patrick Frank