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EM set up is getting modified

Question asked by Leyo on Mar 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Leyo
ADS version used ADS2012 .08.

Have a layout in cell1. Defined EM set up  as follows==>
Freq 1.9 GHz to 2 GHz with 50 points.
Cells/wave length 50.
Mesh Frequency 10 GHz.
Edge Mesh on 
Added notes  etc...
Created Symbol and EM model.
Created new schematics under the same cell and dragged the symbol of layout to the schematics.
Selected "EM Model"  from the "Choose view for Simulation".
Did the S parameter simulation of schematics with lumped components added to the ports of the layout symbol.
The result looks ok.
Now, when I open the EM set up from the layout cell, the EM set up has gone back to default. Whatever I had set up at the beginning has been replaced by  a default EM set up (Like freq from 0 Hz to 10 GHz, cells/wave length 20  and my notes gone...). Why ADS is  doing this?