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N9322C Bugs in LabView Driver

Question asked by arno33 on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by fanfansimon
we bought a N9322C Spectrum Analyzer and i currently program the User Software in Labview.
I found bugs in the driver agn934xni version 2V0.

*VI "agn934xni Configure Reflection Measurement Dispaly"*
The help file describes that you can change the display type between RL, SWR, LIN
in Reflection Measurement Mode. But the option "Display Type" in the VI 
has no the correct options. You can change between Off, Rectangular, Hamming, 3 Sample
and 4 Sample.

+How can i change the display type in Mode Reflection Measurement?+

*VI"agn934xi Read Reflection Measurement Trace Data"*
The Array "Result Array" is configured as an input. In the Help File "agn934xni.chm" it is
also described as an input.
But this is wrong, it must be an output. If i configure it as an output in the VI, 
i get a result array from the spectrum analyzer.

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