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IQ data saving/download for PXA IQ analyzer mode

Question asked by lzw on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by vcherian
Hi all experts!
I am using the PXA IQ analyzer (Basic) mode to sample the I/Q data. I try to save the trace to the instrument, then I got trace in a format which I don't know, does not look like as complex I and Q data vs times (samples). 
When I tried to use the remote to figure out the format, I got timeout (TRAC1:IQ:DATA?) . I wonder if there is a simple way to fecth the sampled data back to Matlab for post processing? 

My setup is sampling rate 61.44 MHz and 60 ms sweep time.  Example to fetch the IQ data the PXA instrument? 

Thanks in advance!

newbie in programming

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