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X-Series Signal Generator Enhancements

Question asked by tabbott Employee on May 10, 2013
Hi -

The new X-Series signal generator enhancements enable faster, more effective verification: 

1. New firmware enables MXG and EXG users to apply channel corrections directly to their fixtures and devices under test   
2. Verify FPGA algorithms or digital-to-RF performance faster with the N5102A digital signal interface module 
3. Power servo enhancement allows automatic leveling for external RF amplifiers  
4. Generate 500 second radar antenna scans or FM chirp with +/-0.2 dB amplitude accuracy and +/- 2 degrees phase error with the N7620B Signal Studio for pulse building 
5. The N7609B Signal Studio for global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) features advanced Beidou real-time mode for  multi-satellite simulation 
Read about and view video demonstrations of these enhancements using the following link: