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Creating 7-port Catalog PNA error code (-1074001424)

Question asked by kapurm on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by kapurm
We want to create 7-port catalog using LabVIEW on Agilent N5232A. Attached is the sub-routine (subVI) to test our code. We get the following error:

*Error -1074001424 occurred at AGPNA Error Query;*
*instrument reports:*
*+104,"Duplicate measurement name"*
*This error code is undefined.*

AGPNA Error Query subVI is used inside the AGPNA Configure Display Trace subVI. 

The SCPI command sequence does not show an error, see attachment. Using LabVIEW probes, it seems AGPNA Error Query subVI generates this error while trying to display the first trace of Window Number# 2 (CH1_S7_1). The trace argument (in DISP:WIND%d:TRAC%d:FEED "%s) can't be more than 24, same as  max number of traces per window. Hence, we are using Windows 1 and 2. Further, we are  renumbering the traces when creating Windows 2. 

We are working with LabVIEW 2012 v12.0.1. Thank you for your time.