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Voltage input waveform defined by time sections

Question asked by circuitrf on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by wrivas
The last time I used GENESYS for a transient analysis (SPICE/Cayenne) I selected a Waveform type time dependent voltage sources that let me go in and define the voltage at various times.  For example, I was simulating a lightening surge pulse so I wanted it to start at time 0 at 0V then at 1.2us to be at 1000V then at 1.4 us still be at 1000V then at 20us be back down to 0V.  The source definition entry looked like the following:
0us     0V
1.2us 1000V
1.4us 1000V
20us     0V
The result was a segmented voltage pulse that smoothly transitioned between the specified levels.  
I cannot find this time dependent voltage waveform source in the Genesys 2012.  Can someone help me locate this time dependent voltage source please?

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