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Profiler report difference between TX 4.02 and TX 5.1.3

Question asked by grousset.eric on Oct 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by Cynthia
We have a problem with Profiler report with TestExecSL 5.1.3

This problem is about TestGroup name :

- TestGroup name is present in Profiler report with TestExecSL 4.02
- TestGroup name is NOT present in Profiler report with TestExecSL  5.1.3

We use some internal tools using TestGroup name to identify for each test/testgroup test time, with TestExecSL  5.1.3 we lost this information...

Example :

Part of profiler with TestExecSL 4.02

Begin     TestGroup1
Setup     TestGroup1          DelayMillisecond     0.000006
Execute     TestGroup1          DelayMillisecond     0.250018
Begin     TestGroup1     Test3
Setup     TestGroup1     Test3     DelayMillisecond     0.000009
Execute     TestGroup1     Test3     DelayMillisecond     0.035009
Cleanup     TestGroup1     Test3     DelayMillisecond     0.000006
End     TestGroup1     Test3          0.035045
Cleanup     TestGroup1          DelayMillisecond     0.000010
End     TestGroup1               0.285626

Part of profiler with TestExecSL 5.1.3

Setup               DelayMillisecond     0.000005
Execute               DelayMillisecond     0.250018
Begin          Test3
Setup          Test3     DelayMillisecond     0.000004
Execute          Test3     DelayMillisecond     0.035007
Cleanup          Test3     DelayMillisecond     0.000005
End          Test3          0.035038
Cleanup               DelayMillisecond     0.000004