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Momentum Port excitation with reference offset

Question asked by Leyo on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2014 by volker_muehlhaus
This is regarding the port excitation plane with reference offset for the ports.

In the attached figure (edge.png), I have a 50 ohm trace (5mm length) and a 30 ohm trace.  Port P1  is on the  left edge of 50 ohm trace. Momentum will excite current across the edge (marked blue) , right.

Now , I have added 2mm reference offset to P1(Edge_2mmshift.png). Here also current will be excited at the blue line, right.
Next, I am changing the reference offset  on P1 by 5mm (Edge_5mmshift.png).  With this P1 lands on the intersection of 50 ohms and 30  ohms line. Will the  the current excited across the 50 ohm line (blue line) or  the 30 ohm line (the black line)?