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Unable to graph the result

Question asked by shuwang on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by HSLEE
Dear all, 

I am trying to simulate the Microstrip Dipole Antenna example in EMPro. I want to see the gain of 3D far field. 
When I create line graph of the gain, the software always show a error message: 
Unable to graph the result becasue the data is invalid. Reason given is: 
Failed to open the steady state far zone data file 'C:/Uesers/Documents/Agilent/Microstrip Dipole Antenna/%Microstrip#20%Diople#20%Antenna/000006/Run0001/StedyStateOutput/f-1/FarZone_steady_3D_Far_Filed_0_fz'. 

I didn't have this problem when I  ran other examples. 
Could you please tell me why I got this error?