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C/N measurements

Question asked by laszlo on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by sleithem
In AN 150-4, the following are stated when measuring the C/N of a CW signal.
Only the 10 kHz RBW is calibrated, and the actual BW is 1.2 x 10 = 12 kHz
(Agilent) SAnalyzers use envelope detectors rather than RMS ones. This introduces an error of 1.05 dB.
Logarithmic shaping reduces the actual level of the measured noise. 
The combined effect of error introduced by the envelop detector and log shaping results in a 2.5 dB error in the measured noise level. The actual noise level is 2.5 dB higher than shown on the Analyzer.
Do these conditions still apply to current Agilent SAs ?