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N9077A on N9030A

Question asked by andyTPE on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by sleithem
Hello PXA'ers,

I am working with opt N9077A:

1. I cannot seem to find any way to access corrections when in this mode.  In standard SA mode, there are several registers/arrays that can be applied to account for frequency dependent loss between the DUT and the SA.  They do not appear to be accessible under the N9077A mode - am I missing something?  If they are not available, is there a reason why - is it on the firmware roadmap to include these?  If not, is there any recommendation as to how these losses should be accounted for?

2. For spectral emission mask testing - please can you confirm that there is a bug in the default selection of Fail Mask: for the outer region (e.g. Region D for 80 MHz channel) the Fail Mask should be 'Abs OR Rel'.  The current default has 'Abs AND Rel'.  Or have I misinterpreted the standard?

I am running A.12.09 (having problems downloading the latest rev of firmware A.12.13)