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E444xA PSA Trace Averaging Function

Question asked by carlosc on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by tabbott
Hello, this is my first time at this forum.  I wonder, does anyone know how to query the E4440A PSA to find out when the required number of samples have been averaged together?  I thought "AVERage:COUNt?" would do it but this only returns the number I set with "AVERage:COUNt" so is of no help in knowing when enough sweeps have been averaged together.  Also "*OPC?" does not appear do what I am looking for, it doesn't seem to tie to average counts.
I'd be fine with a polling solution but it needs to be one that uses SCPI commands or something that comes with the standard DLL as I am using LabVIEW and not .NET.
thanks in advance.