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Is there any reason one could not implement unknown-thru on an 8753 / 8720?

Question asked by drkirkby on May 16, 2014
I realize the 8753 and 8720 are out of support, so Agilent are not going to update the firmware. 

But before I waste an excessive amount of time on a fruitless exercise, is there any good reason that unknown thru could not be implemented as an external program, with the VNA controlled by GPIB? 

Given that Ferrero and Pisani published their paper in 1992, and the firmware in my 8720D is 2002, I am wondering if there is some good reason HP/Agilent did not implement unknown thru. "Adapter removal" is too slow for me, though if one was logical about it, one could perform a lot of adapter removals in the time it would take to implement unknown thru! 

Doing this could perhaps be an interesting student project for someone. Any takers??


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