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SMD Calibration Results

Question asked by pp on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by volker_muehlhaus

   I have couple of questions about the port calibration settings.I am working on a RF-DC conversion circuit.
1) In momentum simulation the SMD calibration is used for the DIode and load pads . But i read on the forums that the SMD calibration is inaccurate if there is a parasitic shunt path to ground. If so then will the TML(zero length) gives correct result ? How accurate are the results if TML(ZL) calibration is used.

2) As the load used is SMD component , and there is no shunt parasitic path to groound for it , SMD calibration should work for it. But how do we calculate the exact voltage at the one end of the load. The other end of the load is grounded through the circuit, but as differential ports are used the voltage at the ground end is not zero. i have attached the layout, "Terminal 2" is grounded , and want to calculate exact voltage at the "Terminal 1".

3)Need to  calculate the power across the SMD load Resistor(SMD calibration used).I have used the differential voltage across the load to calculate the power, is this method correct?

Thanks in advance