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Help need for Source connection of Linear and NonLinear PHEMT transitor

Question asked by nimbargi on Jan 13, 2014
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Dear Sir,
           I used the ATF54143 PHEMT transistor LINEAR for S-parameter simulation  and Nonlinear transistor for DC bias  and linearity checking. I connected the transmission line MLIN at the source of the LINEAR ATF54143 transistor with W=0.4mm and L=0.4mm for generating S-parameter and stability. But when we go for choosing NONLINEAR ATF 54143 transistor for getting linearity and DC bias checking, it has two sources , both are internally connected.  What values of MLIN we need to connect at the two ends of the sources of the NONLINEAR ATF54143 transistor, when LINEAR transistor source MLIN value W=0.4mm, L=0.4mm.Because transmission line is distributed element.