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Source-to-tone assignment on PNA-X IMD application

Question asked by smcb on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by smcb
I'm using a two port N5242A PNA-X with the internal two sources, combiner, with option -087 (the IMD application).
I've been trying to use the IMD app to measure IP2 and gain desense in the presence of a swept power jamming signal.
For example, let's say I have a desired tone at 2.45 GHz and a jamming tone is at 5.5 GHz.
I want to hold 2.45 GHz at fixed Pin=-30 dBm while sweeping the 5.5 GHz jammer power from -20 dBm through +10 dBm.
At the same time I would measure IIP2Hi, IIP2Lo, the ToneGainLo at 2.45 GHz, and the ToneGainHi at 5.5 GHz. 
The problem I'm having is that, in order to achieve my desired jammer power sweep range, I need to use Source 1 as my jammer source (because the combiner loss makes Source 2 not able to reach my desired max jammer power).
In the IMD app setup I find that f1<f2 always (the app +forces+ this on the +Frequency+ tab) and that f2 is always assigned to Port 1 Src 2 (as shown on the +Configure+ tab). But...I need Src 2 to instead be assigned to f1 so that I can use Src 1 for f2 (my jammer tone), allowing me to achieve my desired jammer power.
In the IMD application, is there any way to make Src 1 (the one having higher available port power) be my higher freq tone and Src 2 be my lower freq tone?  
I'd like to be able to perform this test without needing to reconfigure the test set to include an external amplifier.