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33521A Blank Screen, Dead?

Question asked by miningguy on May 28, 2014
I am using the function generator with a LabView application via the USB control port. 
When attempting to restart the LabView application, there was no response from the function generator.
I rebooted the LabView application and there was no response, so I rebooted the function generator.
Now the screen is blanked white and the instrument is unresponsive.

I have downloaded the latest firmware, but the installation instructions refer to using the generator's screen to access the firmware upgrade function.

I also noted a factory reset procedure in the manual which uses the system button and two of the softkeys, which I have no labels for without the screen in operation.

So, I would flash the firmware if I could.  Ideas?


Edited by: MiningGuy on May 29, 2014 7:17 AM

Well, I didn't find this in any of the service manuals.
Hold the system key while powering up the instrument and voila - It is now back and running.
I think I will verify the firmware revision and upgrade.
Here's to arbitrarily hitting keys out of desperation.