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50 duty cycle error on 81110A

Question asked by mirek on May 28, 2014
I have a problem to measure switching time on RF switches using 81110A pulse generator as pulse source.
The problem is that this model have significant error in duty cycle between trigger and outputs.
Even more problematic is that the error change with set pulse frequency.
For 50% duty cycle the error at particular frequency between trigger and output is as follow:
@ 1MHz  -> 3ns
@ 10KHz -> 230ns
@ 10 Hz -> 230us!!!

My requirement is to use 10Hz pulse frequency and no matter how I slice and dice I can't adjust the duty cycle percentage as the step size is 0.01% or 18us (measured) - the resolution is not sufficient.
One solution could be to just split the trigger, however I need 2 control (normal & compliance) and I need to varied voltage amplitude between test.
My switching time is with in 300ns. It also appear the falling edge of the control pulse is unstable. I have several 81110A pulse generator and all of them have the same issue. 

Does the 81110A pulse generator ever have some software upgrade or hardware upgrade to correct that issue?
What other pulse generator model can be used with out the above issue.