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PNA-X Cal Set Manager system hanging bug

Question asked by rok on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by jvall

I believe I found a bug in the A.09.90.06 firmware where if you try to apply a single calibration file to more than ~70 measurement channels using the cal set manager, it will totally freeze the entire system, and thus requiring a hard reset. 

I have a .csa file where the problem is repeatable. Unfortunately, it is about 500 megabytes in size, so I can't post it here. If there are some other alternate means to send the file, let me know. 

But your programmers' can simulate this problem by creating 100 channels and then trying to apply a single calibration file to all 100 channels. Afterwards, try to view that calibration using the 'Cal Set' Manager dialog window. Once you do that, it should crash the system.

Based on the behavior I am observing, I believe the problem is in the display of the 'Channels' column. There might be a buffer overflow condition due to that display field not being defined large enough. I believe the newer firmware can accommodate up to 200 channels, so that would be your worst case.

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