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U7243A USB3 Test App Remote Interface Version issue

Question asked by vincent2088 on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by vincent2088
I tried to write a python script to remote control the USB3.0 test app in the "DSA91304A digital signal analyzer", and I want to handle the message events of the app and pass them to my client PC. So I tried to apply the "Agilent N5452A Remote Development Toolkit". however, when I used the class "CreateAteEventSink", it requires the automated test application to have a Remote Interface Version of 2.30 or newer, and the one in my scope is 2.12, I have upgraded the test application to the latest version, how should i upgrade the remote interface version in this case? or if this app cannot support the remote control event handler function?