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Enhanced Response Calibration in PNA-X.

Question asked by rohit on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by daras
Hello All,

I am doing Enhanced response calibration for my RF Path vector calibration as I have a 50 db Pad in it.The total loss of  is around 65 dB {50 dB (Pad) + 15 db (Path Loss)} .The Calibration has to be done from 3.1 to 3.5 Ghz {as my DUT is of that band (S Band)}.I have done the calibration once and the thru results are not good both (phase and gain), I am wondering whether we can do a proper enhanced response calibration of a path with so so much loss as the noise floor of PNA-X is around -45 dB. If yes, what is that I am doing wrong? Do I need to do calibration some other way?? Is there any other way we can calibrate the path with so much loss (avoiding any other physical setup to be added)??

                       I don't have doubts on enhanced response calibration technique as I have done this with path which has less loss (but it  was for L band DUT ) and results were significantly better but in this case, what is the best method to do vector calibration? 

Thanks in Advance. :) 
Rohit Pandey.