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Does the U3606B Support Temperature Measurement? Manual Hints YES

Question asked by glowitz on Jan 20, 2014
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In reading through the operating manual for the new U3606B DMM/Power Supply (URL: ), it clearly shows and calls out the C and F units on the display (see attached images) as well as in the written description of the display units (Page 17). However, I don't see anything on the front panel or in the data sheet confirming whether temperature is indeed supported.

1) Is temperature measurement standard in the unit, a future free firmware upgrade, or paid upgrade?
2) Is the circuitry already embedded to support cold-temperature compensation at the DMM input using, for example, a type "K" thermocouple to banana-plug adaptor?

Given that temperature measurement is very common in even low-end handheld multimeters and bench meters, it's very puzzling why it would be mentioned in the manual and shown on the display, but not discussed anywhere that I saw in the data sheet or specifications. Can an Agilent designer familiar with the U3606B please confirm the situation here? I noticed that even the older unit (U3606A) shows these temperature units on the display. I'm very interested to add the U3606B to our kit -- but hope that temperature measurement is indeed supported (or will be via free firmware update in the near future).

Either way, the literature is confusing and should make it clear whether this is or is not included in the product, unless possibly this is used only in a diagnostic mode to show the temperature of the unit itself such as during calibration -- but not used to make external temperature measurements. That said, it sure would be nice to have this included for a $1.2K product.

Thanks in advance for clarifying this seeming discrepancy. 


Note: I realize I posted this in the Power Supplies Forum. The U3606B is a dual-mode instrument - part power supply, part DMM. Hopefully someone familiar with this product will see it in this forum.

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